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Automatic Gates —

An Automatic Gate is the most convenient way to allow entry and exit to a secured property. Automatic gate systems allow passage without the need to park, exit the vehicle, unlock & open the gate, secure it in the open position, enter and move the vehicle through the gate, park and exit vehicle, close & lock gate, then return to vehicle and proceed. The comparison isn’t even fair. In the industry we refer to automated gates or automatic gates as part of an access control system. Access Control can include a variety of security features working together to keep your property safe. These can include, but are not limited to motion sensors, keypads, intercoms, RFID/Remotes, mobile apps, card/optical scanners, biometric scanners, cellular or calls system, and mechanical arm/pulley controllers. There are countless packages and mix n match options. An installed Automatic Gate System starts at $10,000.00 and the sky is the limit.

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