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Wrought Iron Fences —

A Wrought Iron Fence is Monster Fence Company’s favorite fence style and our specialty. Wrought Iron Fencing gives your property the elegant touch it deserves. If you’re on a budget then you’re on the wrong page, wrought iron fences are not for the faint of heart when it comes to home investments. If you’re looking for steel fencing, ornamental steel fences, or ornamental iron fence then you’re probably on the correct page as “wrought iron” and powder-coated, galvanized steel fencing are generally considered one in the same. This is the common black metal fence seen on properties with higher than average market prices. However, today’s wrought iron fence is not your grandfather’s heavy duty “classic” wrought iron fence. Today’s version of wrought iron fencing is very light weight. While you can still get the classic, heavy duty style seen around older universities and similar institutions, they come at a hefty price.

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